Breast cancer is the most common malignant tumour in women – don’t underestimate prevention!

Breast examinations should be part of your regular preventive check-up, but you can also do a breast examination yourself at home.

Stand in front of a large mirror and let your arms fall loosely by your sides. Look for any changes and abnormalities in the shape and redness of the skin. Look for regularity, there should be no pits or lumps on the breast. First check from the front, then from the right and left sides. Then raise your arms above your head, push your head forward and repeat the whole examination in this position.

For the next phase, bend forward slightly. Place your hands on your hips, drop your shoulders and head, and push your elbows slightly forward. Look for any changes or irregularities in this position.

Raise your right hand behind your head. Slowly examine the entire right breast pressing with three fingers on your left hand. With circular movements, slowly explore the entire breast from the areola to the edges. Look for irregularities or lumps. Repeat the same on the left breast.

Push your breasts together lightly with your hands, again looking for any hardness or other irregularities. Squeeze the nipple to see if it leaks any liquid.

Examine the armpit, underarm and the area around each breast for lumps and hard spots.

If you find anything or you think something is wrong, you need to see your doctor.


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